Anthony Timiraos           Photography

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Release Date
September 30th, 2022

Bigotry, favoritism, inequity, injustice, homophobia, sexism, racism, fanaticism, and other types of discrimination are more prevalent as our world becomes smaller, and some people are forced to move from one corner of this planet to another to find a better life. How can we change the conversation to eradicate these words from our dictionary? What can each of us do personally to teach a new generation the beauty of "love" and the harm that "hatred" causes? Those two words are not born in us; we are taught by examples early in life.
"It's Who We Are" highlights a photographic tapestry of our diverse planet and provides the reader with a brief description of the region and the people featured in the photos. It takes us on a journey to over 30 destinations and shows how diverse we are yet similar. The images of people are simple, but they tell a story about the beauty of "love," and the harm "hatred" can cause. Stories and scenes that are not unlike what we see each day. This is a book for children and adults of all ages.